TSKB provides qualified resources to our country in a range of areas including the environment, climate change, social impact and renewable energy through the international development finance institutions with a global vision, which we work in cooperation with.

As a bank that has pioneered the financing of sustainable development investments in the last 20 years, we have adopted the "Sustainable Development Goals" set forth by the United Nations right from the start. We present the value we have created by integrating these goals into our strategy and business model in our Integrated Annual Report.

We are increasing our contribution to the sustainable development of our country day by day. The share of SDG related loans in the total loan portfolio is 91%, while the share of loans contributing to climate and environment related SDGs is 60%.

We are constantly raising our contribution to the sustainable development of our country. With the guidance and actions we have taken in line with the financing of sustainability, we also contribute towards raising the sensitivity and awareness of the companies which we finance. We evaluate the loans we provide not only from a loan evaluation perspective, but also from a sustainability perspective.

The power plants operating with renewable energy, financed by TSKB, correspond to 15% of Türkiye's installed renewable energy capacity with the 388 projects commanding an installed capacity of 8,312 MW. Through these projects, we contribute towards reducing of our country's annual carbon dioxide emissions. 

Within the scope of energy and resource efficiency, TSKB has extended support through financing to a total of 156 projects engaged in the reduction of carbon emissions as well as the recovery of raw materials, water and waste in the chemical, automotive, cement, mining, energy, steel and textile sectors.

With the financing of these projects, we aim to use natural resources more efficiently, 

generate less waste, reuse waste and to reduce costs by reducing carbon emissions.

For many years, TSKB has taken responsibility towards achieving a zero-carbon future, and we have contributed to the reduction of our country's annual carbon dioxide emissions by 16,39 million tons with the support we extend to sustainability investments.

Since 2016, we have achieved a very rapid development in the companies we have included in the program.

The performance increase in areas such as policies, education, working conditions and representation in management reached 27,9%.

As a bank with a female employee and manager ratio of over 50%, we are among the first signatories of the WEP's protocol. With our good practices in the field of gender equality, we were entitled to receive the FEM (Equal Opportunity Model) Certification, a joint venture of KAGIDER-World Bank, in 2018. We also support our subsidiary companies and the companies we provide loans to in the direction of these certifications.

We keep our finger on the pulse on the sustainability agenda with our economic research reports and our sustainability channel,, the TSKB Blog and publications within the scope of the Green Swan Climate Platform. We consider providing information support to the green transformation of the Turkish business world, in addition to our financial support, as an integral part of our responsibility.