At TSKB, we believe in the importance of education in the ownership and adoption of sustainability in all of its dimensions, and we conduct special programs for our managers at all levels in addition to regular training titles.

We continue to support our employees with various leadership programs as well as development programs which will support the development of competence for all titles. We aim to ensure sustainable development through training programs organized with an integrated learning model. In addition to these measures, we aim to identify promising young employees who offer potential before they reach the mid-level managerial levels and to prepare them for managerial roles by creating backup plans. We continue to cooperate with reputable institutions at home and abroad within the framework of personalized development plans designed within the scope of our backup efforts.

We will continue to support our middle and senior managers in the coming years with training programs abroad which focus on topics such as Leadership, Negotiation, Strategy and Agile Management, as well as targeted one-on-one coaching programs.

The TSKB Academy program, which is based on the principle of "creating a TSKB family" and "raising your own manager" was launched in 2021, for "new graduates seeking to be a member of TSKB". Candidates at the starting point of their careers were interviewed after the inventory stage and a group case study was applied, with the selected candidates starting to work in our Bank as TSKB Academy members.

We offer our employees who have just started working in our bank as a graduate with training and development opportunities within the scope of “TSKB Academy”. The program includes a range of content which is prepared to train well-equipped bankers in the field of development and investment banking, such as learning agility, digitalization, robotic process automation and agile working, as well as general banking and legislation training. In addition to training, members of the Academy members have the opportunity to develop themselves with project-based rotation programs.

Together with our subsidiary Escarus, we organize internal training programs on different themes under the title of sustainability in order to ensure all of our employees internalize our sustainable banking approach and to increase the level of knowledge among the new members of our team.