In 2005, we took a very significant step within the scope of sustainable banking activities and established the Environmental Management System. In 2012, we further developed this system to an enhanced level as the Sustainability Management System. The TSKB Sustainability Management System was approved by the TSKB Board of Directors in November 2012.

The Sustainability Management System aims to achieve the following six objectives;

  • Systematic evaluation and management of environmental risks arising from lending activities,
  • Control and systematic management of internal environmental impacts such as electricity, water, natural gas use, paper consumption and CO2 emissions resulting from TSKB's operational services,
  • Financing renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental investments by developing TSKB's products and services from a sustainable banking perspective,
  • Informing all TSKB employees and stakeholders on sustainability issues continuously and increasing their sensitivity on these issues by ensuring their active participation in the processes.
  • Preparing sustainability reports periodically in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards to be shared with the Bank's stakeholders and supporting stakeholders in their pursuit of good sustainability practices,
  • Periodic calculation of the Bank's carbon footprint within the scope of the ISO 14064 standard and maintaining its banking activities with zero carbon principles by resetting its carbon footprint.

ISO 14001

In 2006, we became the first bank in Türkiye to obtain the ISO 14001 Certificate. We have continued to hold this certification having successfully completed the periodic ISO 14001 audits each year.

ISO 14064

TSKB was the first bank to be awarded the ISO 14064-1 certificate, which is a standard prepared for the purpose of limiting greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere within the scope of the changes which climate change will bring about to activities such as the use of resources and production.

The Sustainability Management System Team (SMST)

The sustainability of the Sustainability Management System at TSKB is ensured by the Sustainability Management System Team (SMST). The foundation of the team was laid in the Environmental Management System working group established in 2005. In 2012, with the creation of the Sustainability Management System, the name of the team was changed to the Sustainability Management System Team. Since 2015, it continues its activities as a separate Working Group under the Sustainability Management Committee.