This policy sets out the principles and responsibilities of Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. (The Industrial Development Bank of Turkey - TSKB) with regard to the Bank’s internal and external practices and strategies for gender equality. The policy covers all TSKB employees and the bank’s operations.


Gender equality is a crucial component in accelerating sustainable development and promoting inclusive economic growth. Hence, building capacities within the Bank, increasing awareness on gender equality and the assessment of the direct and indirect impacts of the Bank’s services are among TSKB’s priorities. Within this scope, the Bank aims to promote opportunities both inside and outside the Bank as well enhancing and implementing the Bank’s gender equality related commitments by embracing a policy centered on value creation.


The Bank:

1. is committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace, through its activities and all banking operations and human resource practices, including those of its subsidiaries, and aims to create opportunities to increase awareness on gender equality for all its stakeholders.

2. approaches the issue of gender equality with the active participation of the senior management and follows the subject collectively with a focused working group under the Sustainability Committee which includes employees from different disciplines. 

3. seeks to effectively allocate its financial and social capital in line with its commitments regarding its Gender Equality Policy.

4. does not tolerate any ideas or actions which constitute gender-based violence or bullying against its employees; it undertakes to investigate and intervene in every action which has been reported, suspected or observed.

5. aims to establish collaborations and partnerships with the private sector, academics, NGOs, and other institutions in its work on gender equality.

6. follows declarations endorsed by initiatives defending gender equality at both a national and an international level. In addition, the Bank contributes to practices which promote gender equality in the business world by supporting declarations which are compatible with the Bank’s goals and strategies, have a high impact and offer development opportunities.

7. exercises the greatest due care and attention regarding gender equality in its internal and external communication. The Bank places the greatest importance on ensuring gender equality in conferences and seminars which it hosts.

8. discloses the overall female work force and gender pay gap along with representation in the Board of Directors and at the management level in its Annual Integrated Report and corporate website. Additionally, the Bank discloses the work carried out within the scope of gender equality and the direct and indirect impacts resulting from the Bank’s activities. The Bank also observes the consistency, continuity, and progress of these outputs.

9. The members of the Sustainability Committee, Sustainability Sub-Committee, Gender Equality Working Group, the Bank’s senior management and Human Resources Department are responsible for the monitoring and execution of each item in this policy.


This policy shall enter force on the date it is approved by the Board of Directors.