This policy sets the principles and responsibilities of Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. (Industrial Development Bank of Turkey - TSKB) in relation to human rights.


The policy covers all TSKB employees and operations at the Head Office and Branches.


TSKB Human Rights Policy includes the following main principles and practices.

The Bank:

1. adopts the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, UN Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Convention against Corruption, to which our country is a party, as well as the principles contained in international conventions it has adopted, and carries out all its activities in line with the fundamental principles such as human rights, labor rights and social justice as required by these principles;

2. provides its employees with a sound working environment that is physically and mentally balanced in line with the Occupational Health & Safety requirements and legal regulations, provides trainings and information, and takes necessary measures; ensures strict compliance with its ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System standards, and ensures its suppliers' and customers' compliance with ISO 45001 standards;

3. ensures the planning of works by means of preserving the work-private life balance of employees; prohibits all kinds of discrimination among employees and their managers, and makes all its assessments about them independent from differences related to gender, mental or physical disability, age, race, religion, language, sect, beliefs, cultural and social class differences;

4. does not employ children below the age limit set forth in national and international laws and declarations; does not work with suppliers or customers employing child labor;

5. does not employ forced or compulsory labor; and does not work with suppliers or customers employing forced or compulsory labor;

6. encourages employees' participation in business processes and creativity through transparent communication channels established by the Human Resources management in order to hear the suggestions and opinion of employees;

7. has communication and complaint mechanisms established, which allow employees and all stakeholders to communicate, anonymously when required, their complaints, requests or potential violations. All issues communicated to the Bank by employees or stakeholders in line with the Bank's complaint-resolution procedure through open communication channels are resolved promptly, accurately and with due sensitivity. The Bank does not tolerate any activity, implication or opinion that prevents this open communication environment and the reporting of potential violations with the feelings of retaliation, vengeance and revenge. The employees who make reports to the communication channel in good faith may not be exposed to any unfavorable treatment due to such reports;

8. defines human resources practices clearly with its internal regulations, and openly shares these regulations with its employees;

9. fosters the professional and personal development of its employees through constant feedback and trainings in a manner to increase their motivation and enhance their sense of belonging;

10. handles making false derogatory reports or complaints with the aim of defaming individuals, institutions and organizations or making false statements to dishonor others or committing acts that have a nature of attack against individuals' or organizations' legal rights and/or reputation without concrete grounds within the scope of disciplinary matters;

11. takes necessary measures to prevent activities performed with the aim of vengeance, revenge and retaliation aiming to obstruct the open communication environment, to whose preservation it attaches utmost importance, and to hinder the reporting of potential violations;

12. takes necessary measures against acts that may cause all kinds of discrimination, bad treatment or harassment in the working environment; implements necessary sanctions against acts that harm safe working environment;

13. supports its employees which children, listens to their needs and undertakes to establish the required infrastructure and practices in an inclusive manner; and

14. ensures that its employees are responsible for adoption and implementation of the foregoing principles in their relationship with the Bank, their colleagues and other business relationship in line with the principles of trust and honesty.


This policy goes into effect as of the date on which it is approved by the Board of Directors.