Climate Transparency Leadership Award for TSKB

19 November 2015
- 3 min Read

TSKB, the first carbon neutral bank of Turkey, has been deemed worthy of the “CDP 2015 Climate Transparency Leadership Award of Turkey”, by the CDP, as a result of the sustainable banking practices it has implemented.

CDP Turkey, the most prestigious climate change initiative in the world, which aims to change the way the business world operates in order to reduce the impact of climate change and preserve natural resources, has announced its “2015 Climate Transparency Leadership Awards of Turkey”.

TSKB, which achieved the highest rating in the “Climate Change Leadership Index”, in which the companies which announced their climate change strategies by using the CDP platform were included, with 99 points, and was deemed worthy of the “CDP 2015 Climate Transparency Leadership Award of Turkey”, together with the first five companies at the top of the index.

More than 5500 companies with a total size of 4 trillion dollars present their reports to CDP, making it the largest database in the world from the perspective of the environmental information of organisations. The rating of the companies which took part in the CDP Turkey project, for the 2015 “Climate Transparency Awards”, is being carried out by Deloitte Turkey, in line with the methodology developed by CDP. Companies, which are able to provide detailed information concerning the processes and results of their carbon footprint management, climate change strategies and risk management are being deemed worthy of the awards.

Çiğdem İçel, the Executive Vice-President of TSKB, who received the award at the ‘CDP Turkey 2015 Climate Change Report’ presentation meeting, on Thursday, 19 November 2015, said, “As the first carbon neutral bank of Turkey, supporting the transition of our country to low carbon using production levels is near the top of our agenda. With this purpose in mind, we first started with ourselves and integrated sustainability into all of our banking processes. We measure our environmental and social impacts regularly, and determine strategies to reduce them. We also take environmental and social risks into consideration in our lending processes. We determine our climate change strategies with the Sustainability Committee, which members of our Board of Directors and senior managers are a part of, and bring them to life with a business model in which all of our employees are included. On the other hand, we also believe that we are fulfilling an important responsibility to our stakeholders by reporting our tangible performance results in the field of sustainability, in a transparent manner. As a bank which creates value in numerous areas for the sustainable development of our country, including the matter of carbons, we are extremely happy to have been deemed worthy for the Climate Transparency Leadership Award by an organisation such as CDP, which is greatly respected in internationally.”