TSKB Chooses Ankara to Launch Second Development Base

27 September 2023
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TSKB, a trailblazer in sustainable banking in Türkiye, inaugurated a second base, this time in Ankara. The Bank has consolidated its subsidiary companies at its Ankara campus, creating a unified platform that provides comprehensive corporate banking, investment banking, and advisory services to its business partners. In his address during the opening ceremony, TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç stated, “We have made the decision to expand our sphere of influence, ensuring that every new investment in the second century of our Republic aligns with sustainability principles and accelerates green transformation. We are confident that our new development base in Ankara will serve as a significant reference point on Türkiye’s path towards high-quality and sustainable growth.”

Established during the planned development era of the fledgling Republic and having played vital roles throughout its 73-year history in advancing Türkiye’s high-quality sustainable development, TSKB has decided to fortify its business continuity and expand its reach by inaugurating an office in Ankara on the Republic’s 100th anniversary.

The TSKB Ankara Development Base, inaugurated on September 26, 2023, is dedicated to enhancing access to sustainable finance and expertise for investors who are instrumental in shaping Türkiye’s future through development-focused projects, and offering robust support for a development model that is resilient against climate crises and natural disasters. The base is operated by a highly experienced founding team. Beyond its corporate and investment banking functions, the Bank will also provide consultancy services at its Ankara office, unifying its subsidiary companies under one roof to enhance their collective impact.

TSKB’s board members, senior management, and CEOs of its subsidiary companies gathered at the opening ceremony of the Ankara office on September 26, marking its aspiration to become a central base for regional development in Anatolia during the Republic’s centennial. They commenced the day by paying their respects at Anıtkabir, the final resting place of Atatürk, in the early morning hours.

Following their visit, the delegation proceeded to the Ankara office, where they took part in the opening ceremony, which was attended by business partners and guests, following the board of directors meeting.

 “We have made the decision to expand our sphere of influence in the second century of our Republic”

Speaking at the opening ceremony of TSKB’s Ankara office, TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç said, “As we enter the second century of our Republic, we have made the decision to expand our sphere of influence, aiming to propel our nation’s development even further by ensuring that every new investment adheres to sustainability principles and accelerates the green transformation. We believe that our Ankara campus will make a substantial contribution to addressing the climate crisis by enabling access to sustainable finance and providing extensive expertise in Anatolia. At our Ankara campus, we will not only focus on corporate banking and investment banking but also extend our services to include consultancy. Our new office boasts a highly experienced founding team and serves as a base where we consolidate our subsidiary companies.”

Emphasizing TSKB’s role as an effective solution partner on the path toward a Net-Zero emission future, Bilgiç went on to say: “We take pride in having attracted a total of USD 1.42 billion in funding from international development finance institutions, financial organizations, and investors to our nation since the beginning of 2022. This includes our syndicated loans and our fourth sustainable bond issuance. Nearly all of these funds, allocated to initiatives in renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate technologies, circular economy, and gender equality, represent pioneering efforts in their respective domains. For the upcoming period, we are actively pursuing innovative funding agreements that specifically target green transformation and capital markets.”

Emphasizing the importance of logistical proximity to earthquake-stricken areas, Bilgiç further stated: “Our foremost mission is to reconstruct the 11 earthquake-affected provinces in alignment with sustainability principles. We are currently in discussions with international development finance institutions to secure a total of USD 450 million in earthquake-related funding. We are aware of the recognition of our expertise in the field of ‘development’ by our public stakeholders, and we are honored that a significant portion of our international funding sources are backed by our government. Our expansion to Ankara serves as a strong motivational factor for us, enabling us to discover more opportunities for interaction. We have full confidence that we will successfully fulfill the development and investment banking objectives outlined in the recently announced Medium Term Program.”

Referring to the board meeting they held after visiting Anıtkabir on the opening day, Bilgiç concluded his remarks as follows: “Today, our Board of Directors, Senior Management, CEOs of our subsidiary companies, and colleagues gathered early in the morning to pay a visit to our founding leader at his eternal resting place, Anıtkabir. In the Anıtkabir guestbook, we reaffirmed our commitment, stating, ‘As an institution bearing Türkiye’s name and following in the footsteps of the Republic, we will exert all our efforts to elevate our nation to the heights of contemporary civilizations, as per your vision, both now and in the future.’ Subsequently, we convened our board meeting for September 2023 at this location, where we ratified new decisions aimed at advancing the future of our nation. Today, we are also delighted to announce a significant decision to provide scholarship support to 100 female university students studying in the earthquake-affected region on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We extend our best wishes for success to the founding team at our Ankara campus, and we believe they will achieve remarkable accomplishments in the second century of our Republic. We hope that this opening will bring prosperity and success to our nation and all our stakeholders.”