The TSKB "Zero-Carbon Concert" at the Istanbul Music Festival

6 June 2014
- 3 min Read

As part of the 42nd Istanbul Music Festival organized by the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), a world-renowned quartet composed of Eric Le Sage, Daishin Kashimoto, Lise Berthaud and François Salque will be performing for music lovers on the evening of June 6. TSKB, as the Turkey's first carbon-neutral bank, breaks new ground this year during World Environment Week by offsetting the carbon footprint that will be arising from the organization of the concert of the quartet known as the "Dream Team" and the transportation activities of the concert audience.

Since 1996, the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) has continuously sponsored the annual Istanbul Music Festival event organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and the Arts (İKSV) and this year, it will be the event sponsor for the "Chamber Music with the Stars-I" concert.

Since 2008 TSKB has become Turkey's first carbon-neutral bank through its efforts to offset its carbon footprint and continues to create sustainable value for its stakeholders. TSKB breaks new ground with the organizing the first "Zero-Carbon Concert.-"of the Istanbul Music Festival. The concert will be held during World Environment Week, on Friday, June 6, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. at Boğaziçi University's Albert Long Hall.

TSKB will be offsetting the complete carbon footprint that will be created during the organization of the concert and the transportation activity of concertgoers. It will offset its carbon footprint, providing a Gold Standard Carbon Certificate from an enterprise that invests in clean energy, thus contributing not only to the arts, but also to the environment.

World-renowned artists will be brought together by Eric Le Sage, a recognized musician among French pianists, to perform as the "Dream Team" quartet. In addition to the "Dream Team" pianist Eric Le Sage, the other performers in the quartet will be chief violinist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Daishin Kashimoto, cellist François Salque and violist Lise Berthaud. The chamber orchestra will be playing piano quartets by Brahms.

What is a "Zero-Carbon Concert?"

The carbon emissions released into the atmosphere during our everyday life activities, such as from transportation, heating, eating and drinking, and by the other products we consume make up our carbon footprints, and these are the biggest culprits of global warming...

Today, the average individual carbon footprint in Turkey today is at the level of 5.7 tons...

Conscious consumption, energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling are ways of reducing our carbon footprint; thus it is possible to prevent the climate change stemming from global warming...

The amounts of carbon emissions that we are unable to reduce can be offset through the carbon certificates that can be obtained from the markets or companies operating to reduce carbon emissions. By this way, we can all support clean energy investments.

As Turkey's leader in sustainable banking, TSKB has been measuring and reducing its carbon footprint since 2005. Since 2008, we have been offsetting the carbon emissions that we have not been able to diminish through Gold Standard Carbon Certificates, maintaining our distinction of being Turkey's first carbon-neutral bank.

Our sensitivity to the environment finds its way not only into our banking activities but also into the events that we organize.

The first zero-carbon concert to be held on June 6 as part of the IKSV Music Festival will be presented under the sponsorship of TSKB. TSKB is completely erasing the carbon emissions created by the concert organization and the transportation activities of artists and concertgoers, all for the benefit of art and our Planet Earth...