This Year's ‘’Women Stars of Tomorrow’’ Selected

7 June 2021
- 2 min Read

13 young female musicians found eligible this year for 'Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Female Musicians Support Fund', launched under Istanbul Music Festival in cooperation with TSKB and IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) to support gifted and young female musicians, are named.

Supporting Istanbul Music Festival since 1990, TSKB considers sustainability as the basis for all areas it serves, with the vision of contributing to Turkey's economic, environmental and social development. On the basis of its corporate social responsibility projects, it continues to offer support in many different fields from the environment to culture, arts and education. Increasing its support for projects in the field of women's employment and equal opportunities in recent years, TSKB has reached a total of 53 young female musicians in the last 4 years as part of the IKSV Music Festival.

Applications by young female musicians were evaluated by the jury, which was headed by Yeşim Gürer Oymak, a musicologist and the Executive Vice President at İKSV, and composed of Cem Mansur, conductor and the General Art Director at CRR Concert Hall; Hakan Şensoy, conductor and violinist; Ufuk & Bahar Dördüncü, piano duo; and İris Şentürker, pianist.

The 49th Istanbul Music Festival will meet music enthusiasts in August and September. The dates and program of the festival, which will take place entirely in open-air venues, will be announced on the 15th of June.

This year, pianist Gülsin Onay will be the opinion leader who will illuminate the path of young female musicians with her experience, knowledge and expertise. Recording of the concert, which will be performed together by Gülsin Onay and the Women Stars of Tomorrow, will be available on the IKSV YouTube channel in autumn.

Musicians entitled for support: 

  • Bahar Erünsal, violin 
  • Başak Kömürcügil, bassoon 
  • Beliz Güney, cello 
  • Beste Gürkey, percussion 
  • Betül Burcu Gündoğdu, piano 
  • Dilan Karayılan, violin 
  • Ece Namlı, violin 
  • Elfida Su Turan, violin 
  • Gökçe Küçükarslan, contra bass 
  • Ilgın Top, violin 
  • Lal Karaalioğlu, piano 
  • Melisa Büyükyörük, bassoon 
  • Sıla Şentürk, piano