“Women Stars of Tomorrow Education Support Fund,” Established in Collaboration with TSKB and İKSV, Marks 7th Anniversary

29 May 2024
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Established in 2018 through a collaboration between TSKB and İKSV, the “Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Women Musicians Education Support Fund” continues to support 17 talented young music students this year. The 2024 beneficiaries of the fund, which has supported the journeys of 110 promising musicians over the past seven years, had the opportunity to connect with music enthusiasts at the Women Stars of Tomorrow concert, which took place at Kadıköy Süreyya Opera House on Tuesday evening (May 28) as part of the 52nd İstanbul Music Festival. The Women Stars of Tomorrow concerts, held annually, provide a platform for gifted young musicians, who benefit from the fund, to perform alongside esteemed and experienced female artists from Türkiye and around the globe.

Steadfast in its commitment to fostering cultural advancement through education and the arts, TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye) continues to invest in children and young people through socially beneficial projects. The Bank fosters equal opportunities in the arts by supporting the musical education of young female talents through its “Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Women Musicians Education Support Fund” project initiated in 2018.

This year, 17 talented young female musicians, who are pursuing their education in music schools abroad and have been selected for the Women Stars of Tomorrow Fund, performed at Kadıköy Süreyya Opera House on the evening of May 28. They were joined on stage by Hande Küden, the project’s opinion leader and a renowned violin virtuoso.

Hande Küden, the 2024 opinion leader, who joined the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 2019, shared the stage with young musicians, inspiring future stars at the outset of their careers.

TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç: “We are thrilled to support equal opportunities in art and artistic production through this meaningful project”

Underlining the Bank’s commitment to long-term projects for multifaceted social and cultural development as Türkiye’s first development and investment bank, TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç noted, “For years, we have been fostering value through socially beneficial projects spanning culture, arts, environmental sustainability, and women’s employment. We believe that advancement, particularly in culture and the arts, constitutes a vital component of social development and welfare. Since its inception in 2018 in partnership with İKSV, we have impacted the lives of 110 young female musicians through the ‘Women Stars of Tomorrow Education Support Fund.’ This year, as part of the project, we had the opportunity to support 17 young female musicians. As TSKB, we are thrilled to support equal opportunities in art and artistic production through this meaningful project. We are proud to support our musicians, who successfully represent our country on international stages, to have their voices heard more strongly. I wholeheartedly congratulate our young musicians who have touched our hearts at the 52nd İstanbul Music Festival, and made us proud with their extraordinary performances. I wish them continued success.”

About Women Stars of Tomorrow Education Support Fund:

As part of the İstanbul Music Festival, TSKB provides funding to promote equal opportunities in the arts, supporting the international careers of talented young female musicians in instrumental performance, singing, and conducting. The fund is open to women musicians who have been accepted to undergraduate or graduate programs at music schools abroad, are continuing their music education overseas, or need support for participating in master classes, orchestra auditions, international competitions, or purchasing instruments that will positively impact their career development.

To date, 107 young female musicians, including 17 in 2024, have been awarded the “Women Stars of Tomorrow” fund. These talented individuals represent Türkiye on international stages and contribute to the country’s cultural development.

Women Stars of Tomorrow – 2024 Winners:

1- Sena Erünsal / Piano

2- Sezin Ege Kabaklı / Piano

3- Çise Ataş / Viola

4- Melis Naz Ünver / Clarinet

5- Adasu Sılay / Flute

6- Nur Koç / Bassoon

7- İpek Sert / Piano

8- Zeynep Göktürk / Harp

9- Melis Naz Ünver / Clarinet

10- Mısra Coşkun / Flute

11- Ecmel Nevâ Bildik / Violin

12- Beren Gürcüoğlu / Piano

13- Derya Köftecioğlu / Harp

14- Öykü Yanık / Composition-Orchestra Conducting

15- Serra Özer / Oboe

16- Sıla Nur Türedi / Violin

17- Almila Şerbetçi / Violin