TSKB Ranks First in Gender Equality Index

27 May 2024
- 2 min. Read

TSKB secured the top position in the “Emerging Markets Gender Equality Index” prepared by Equileap, an independent data company based in the Netherlands. Among 1,500 companies in emerging markets, TSKB achieved the highest ranking with a gender equality score of 71 percent, making the Bank the only institution from Türkiye to be included in Equileap’s 2024 list.

TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye), with its 74-year legacy of creating multifaceted economic, social, and cultural value through a vision of quality development and sustainability, has once again been globally acknowledged for its successful initiatives in promoting gender equality. The Bank was assessed on gender equality by Equileap, an independent data company based in the Netherlands, and ranked first with a gender equality score of 71 percent in a study conducted with 1,500 companies in emerging markets. Equileap, which creates an index to monitor companies’ gender equality activities, included only TSKB from Türkiye in its 2024 Emerging Markets Gender Equality Index.

Having the most comprehensive global database for analyzing gender equality, Equileap offers gold standard metrics through rigorous research, guiding financial institutions on where to invest. Equileap assesses risks and identifies opportunities stemming from inequality in global markets, aiming to create a more balanced and equitable investment environment in emerging markets.

TSKB Executive Vice President Meral Murathan: “Gender equality holds a prominent position on our agenda”

TSKB Executive Vice President and Sustainability Leader Meral Murathan expressed her satisfaction at being included in Equileap’s Emerging Markets Gender Equality Index, adding, “As a bank committed to the principles of Sustainable Development Goals, gender equality holds a prominent position on our agenda. We are implementing numerous innovative practices and projects in this field, augmenting our efforts with a steadfast focus each day. We believe that gender equality is crucial for accelerating sustainable development and fostering inclusive economic growth. Increasing women’s employment in the business world in particular means a more qualified growth in the economy. Our Bank upholds gender equality and equal opportunity across its working environment, management levels, and all operational aspects. For many years, it has been facilitating the transformation of the real sector through its financing and consultancy offerings. In the future, we will persistently and determinedly continue our efforts to ensure equal representation of women in all fields.

The full report is available here.